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Cassie-Hope Aubin

As an actor, singer, dancer, musician, and writer, I am constantly striving to find new ways to tell real, authentic stories. I am driven by the voices of the people we don’t see on stage. Their stories inspire me to lend my voice to making a positive change in our industry. As a Deaf/disabled artist, I am passionate about inclusivity and diversity. I find endless inspiration in the resilience of human beings, and I strive to create new and innovative art that showcases the beauty of human diversity.

I am a graduate of St. Lawrence College’s Music Theatre Performance program, Algonquin college's graduate scriptwriting program, and George Brown College's American Sign Language and Deaf Studies program. I hope to use the many impactful experiences I have had, and those I will undoubtedly have in the future, to create art that has something to say.

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