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My Mission as a Writer

Theatre is about personal connection and shared experience. It is about an audience being able to see themselves in the characters on stage. Thus far in my career, I have read and performed many plays, musicals, monologues, scenes, and songs. I have heard many stories and I have told many stories. However, it is the stories I hear outside of theatre, those that never make it to the stage, that drive me to write. People have so much to say, if we give them the chance to be heard.

As a Deaf/disabled, queer, Indigenous woman, I myself have many stories that have yet to be told. I see so much in my own communities that needs to be shared. Beyond that, I see the same beauty, pain, struggle, and triumph, in communities outside my own. These experiences are what draw us together, and what make us human. Every person has a story, and every story deserves to be told.

It is my goal as a writer to put these stories on paper, and eventually, on stage. I am committed to telling real, authentic, and underrepresented stories. I hope to be a small part of a much larger movement in our industry that one day creates a world where every voice is heard, every person is welcomed, and every story has a place on the stage.

Interested in a script? Want to create something together? Contact me.

Selected Works:


Where The Ribbons Lead

When Niimi, a young Anishinaabe girl, stumbles across Aponi’s ribbons in the forest, she finds more than just pieces of fabric. One by one through music, dance, and ancient traditions, the ribbons teach Niimi who they are, and in the process, who she is.


On Deaf Ears

Holly and Sienna have so much in common. They're both sixteen, they both come from big families, and they were both born deaf. But when they find themselves as roommates at Sunnybrook High School, the two girls discover more differences than similarities.


Tag, You're It!

What is a game of tag when it's not just childhood fun? Cara and Zoe grapple with the idea of what it means to be "it", and in turn, what it means to be sisters.

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